An exhaustive overview of Langa wines, at home.

The Barolo & Barbaresco Academy (Level One) – Online Course is led by highly qualified teachers from Piedmont and is available in Italian and English. Purchasing of single lessons is also available. The complete course consists of five video lectures that address history, viticulture, geology, economics and winemaking techniques of the Langhe appellations.

Enjoy the first step to become the Langhe Wine Ambassador of the future!

LESSON 1: Tradition and know-how: history, economic and social conditions; The basics of Langhe viticulture – Sandro Minella
LESSON 2: Climate and geology: In-depth analysis on the geology of Piemonte’s Tertiary Basin; Me.G.A.: history and description – Edmondo Bonelli
LESSON 3: Viticulture: lecture on the other grapes of the Langhe; History, characteristics and agronomic issues; focus on Nebbbiolo – Edoardo Monticelli
LESSON 4: Enology: the evolution of winemaking techniques; Features of grape varieties, with focus on Nebbiolo – Vincenzo Gerbi
LESSON 5: Future challenges and opportunity for the wines of the Langhe: climate change, the new hybrids; economics and developments opportunity – Maurizio Gily

Please note that guided tastings are NOT included.



  • 350€+IVA 5 lessons
  • 100€+IVA each lesson
    *All details on the application form // 10% discount for sommelier AIS, ONAV e FISAR and associates to Strada del Barolo or Consorzio del Barolo.

You can purchase the complete course  or choose one or more topics by purchasing the individual lessons.

In addition to the video lessons, slides will also be sent in PDF format.

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