1-3 april 2022 – grinzane cavour

The three-day course is divided into modules focused on history, geology and climate, grapes and winemaking techniques.

The initiative, promoted and organized by Consorzio di Tutela Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Dogliani together with Strada del Barolo e grandi vini di Langa, is aimed at trainers, brand managers, journalists and buyers with the aim of creating a global network of Langhe Wines Ambassadors.

The Academy offers a mix of traditional lectures, guided tastings and lunches and on-site field trips led by highly qualified teachers, carefully selected among the region’s top experts.

The course in attendance is divided into three modules – climate and geology, native grapes of Piemonte and winemaking – taking place over three days, from Friday to Sunday. In addition to traditional lectures led by highly qualified teachers from the region, the programme also includes on-site field trips and tastings.

The programme coordinator is the sommelier and tourist guide Sandro Minella. Natural scientist and geologist Edmondo Bonelli will take students on a journey through the geological eras of the Piemonte’s Tertiary Basin. Agronomist and professor Edoardo Monticelli will be in charge of the modules about native grapes – from Nebbiolo to the other vines of the Langhe. Professor Vincenzo Gerbi from the Università di Torino will lecture about the evolution of winemaking techniques. A final talk led by agronomist and journalist Maurizio Gily will look at the Langhe wines’ market challenges and perspectives. Wine tastings will be held during each module.

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  • Tradition and know-how: history, economic and social conditions; The basics of Langhe viticulture – Sandro Minella (in english)
  • Climate and geology: In-depth analysis on the geology of Piemonte’s Tertiary Basin; Me.G.A: history and description – Edmondo Bonelli (in italian with simoultaneous tranlations)
  • Viticulture: lecture on the grapes of the Langhe; History, characteristics and agronomic issues; focus on Nebbbiolo – Edoardo Monticelli (in italian with simoultaneous tranlations)
  • Enology: the evolution of winemaking techniques; Features of grape varieties, with focus on Nebbiolo – Vincenzo Gerbi (in italian with simoultaneous tranlations)
  • Future challenges and opportunity for the wines of the Langhe: climate change, the new hybrids; economics and developments opportunity – Maurizio Gily (in italian with simoultaneous tranlations)
  • Tour of Barolo e Barbaresco crus – Sandro Minella; Edmondo Bonelli (in english)
  • Dedicated tastings for each module (in english)

A Langhe Wine Ambassador participation certificate will be given to participants at the end of the course
Lessons in italian will have simultaneous English interpreting.

Attendance is for wine professionals only and is subject to approval.

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"I would like to say that it was a fantastic experience. Really. First, you cannot come to such kind of event without any knowledge or self-training. So you started to learn a lot before coming to the final 3-day session. Second, it was a great environment in the historic center of Grinzane Cavour. And you feel all the time the people and their personalities. Camillo Cavour, Garibaldi, Victor Emmanuel II, Giulia Colbert Falletti... And also a balanced and interesting learning program, very interesting and magnificent teachers and an incredibly friendly atmosphere of collective of students... sorry, Ambassadors! And last but not least the subject of our love - the great wine of Langhe! Thanks to B&B Academy, to Barolo street, to all who organized and worked on the program and to all sponsors. I am really happy I had this experience. And I am proud to have a right for this title - Langhe wine ambassador."

Meir Tchernetsky, Vinotours Israel, Langhe Wine ambassador

"Certainly the most comprehensive course there is on Langhe wines, covering history, culture, climate, and detailed geology of the region, going on to viticulture and enology of the various varieties, as well as topics such the impact of climate change, all delivered by the experts on each subject. Especially illuminating to me was the tasting experience when wines grown in different soils are compared.”

Irving So, Italian wine expert from Hong Kong